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Rally Car Racing in DallasIf you have cultivated your taste for, as they say, "the finer things," then European style rally racing ought to exercise the same strong appeal as a fine vintage, a properly aged prime beef, hand-made shirts, the America's Cup, and your precious weeks in the Hamptons. Instruct your gentleman's gentleman to contact Dallas Racing School for an appointment with the vehicle and course of your choosing.

If you arranged motorsports along a continuum from "most extremely gnarly" through "requires greatest fitness and coordination" to "most refined," you inevitably would place European style rally racing at the furthest extreme of "most refined." Rally racing takes motorsports to the country club set, and it brings some fine old classic motorcars out from under their covers and out of their garages. Rally racing re-creates the glory days of Morris Garages, Morgan, and Bugati; and if you use a GPS instead of your official triptych, you risk exile to the nasty-bumpy dirt tracks on the ragged, untamed outskirts of Gila Bend—you and highly modified tractors. In this refined and sophisticated contest of motoring skills, novices and intermediates may compete to see who travels from point to point with greatest celerity, but the truly accomplished motorists try to match an ideal—every turn, curve, and straight-away executed with perfect precision at precisely the speed limit—neither too fast nor too slow. Natty racing attire is appropriate.

Be the first to the checkpoint! Dallas Rally Racing will get your there!

The other guys are already half-way to Monte Carlo!

Texas Rally Car RacingYes, time-and-distance racing requires some mathematical skill and quite a bit of driving finesse. Calling Dallas Racing School, however, requires simply a soupcon of initiative—neither stopwatch nor GPS required. Surely, you understand Dallas Racing School properly will prepare you for the world's most grueling time-and-distance or endurance races in the world's most sophisticated motorcars; or you may elect to contest these events in the family's Bentley. Did you want to go over the Alps, around the perimeter of the United States, along the route of the Orient Express, or across the Sahara? Moreover, you certainly must understand Dallas Racing School can arrange Euro-style rally racing for family reunions, corporate gatherings, and weekend adventures. According to our time-and-distance chart, you should be dialing right now.

Buckle in and call today for your Rally Racing Adventure! 1-888-994-9313

NOTE: Rally Racing in Dallas may not be available within Dallas city limits but at a location nearby. All dates and times may not available due to course schedules, high demand and other factors. Please call our staff at Dallas Racing School for details, location and availability of Rally Racing Schools and Rally Racing Experiences near Dallas. Call for details.

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